Baby Johnson

Being that we are a little over 25 weeks in.  A little less than 15 weeks remaining and we will be welcoming this sweet baby boy into this world. Talk about terrifying and exciting and so many other words all at the sametime. I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but a little at ease as well. It’s crazy to me that this is all happening. I never anticipated that I would ever have another child of my own, but now that this baby is growing in my belly the thought of not having this baby is unforseen.  I am so excited and I feel like everything will fall into place.

He has been moving around so much and his little movements are getting so strong  I can’t imagine that my body can handle the growing anymore, but I know that it will all workout. It’s crazy to me how it all works.

At any rate after many name choices we have finally decided on Chandler Price as this little guys name. Talk about exciting. 🙂

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