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Last week we went to the movies and followed that with a later than normal trip to Walmart. We initially thought this will be fun for people watching. People watching is fun…

As soon as we entered there were a couple of people that I instantly thought “People of Walmart” because at first I thought what in the heck are these people wearing and why did they leave the house looking like that.

To my defense as if I need one this is something that we all chat and laugh about and it has never crossed my mind that it was not nor should it be funny or talked about.

As we were leaving the store though Chan was walking in front of me with his eccentric loud style and it hit me!

Number 1 I am a mean mean person, but more than that I can change and should change in this moment:

I preach constantly that we should all feel good in our own skin and we should all be allowed to dress in a way that we feel good. For instance when Chandler dresses I don’t have to agree with the outfit and nether does anyone else, but we can all agree that the smile on his face says, “I look like a million bucks” and I want to be treated that way. If this is what I believe and preach then why am I judging these people on there clothing choices when in reality I should be celebrating them because what a beautiful thing: to dress and act the way that you want without fear of judgement or social norms. I mean kuddos to you all that choose to dress loud and proud!

I love that as life continues I am able to step outside myself more and more and have a more compassionate heart. I am completely embarrassed of my close minded self that I was, but I am proud of the fact that I can stand up and say, “I was wrong and I wanna be better.”

I am learning as time passes that it’s more than okay to be you all the time! We do not now nor should we ever have to put on a front. It’s like going to Church- I was always taught to dress appropriately, but in all honestly what does that even mean? Is God checking my outfit as I walk in the door, “damn girl – nope not today”

Understand that Loud and Proud isn’t half naked- you should still understand that you are beautiful without showing everything. That is just having self respect

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