3 E’s to Life

Embrace. Experience. Enjoy

I am loving my 30’s… It’s at this point that I am realizing life is simple! Life is Awesome! Life is crazy! Life is a GIFT. The days are long and the years are short, and there are moments that just kind of slip out of our fingers and we often times find ourselves wondering what happened or where has the time gone? I am realizing that if we all just embrace, experience, and enjoy we will all be better off. Life will feel more like a gift.

EMBRACE- This means to embrace life and embrace people. How? The alarm goes off on Monday morning and instead of getting pissed off… turn off the alarm, stretch, and smile! Say thank you for the day before it starts! Get up and get your day started. If you get stuck in traffic don’t get upset, instead turn your radio up and have a dance party because guess what getting mad isn’t going to help you to go any faster… However that dance party will help you to just feel good! If someone yells at you respond with I am sorry that you feel that way and go about your day because why would you allow a complete stranger to bring your day down? CHOICES!! CHOICES! This is something I say to my kids all the time… Everyday you are filled with choices… Make choices that will help you to have a Great Day! Every Day!

EXPERIENCE- Experience moments as they happen! Throughout our lives we will be faced with moments, moments that will impact us in ways we never thought possible. How you respond to the moments will help to determine how you view life. There will be- Moments of happiness! Moments of Sadness! Moments of laughter! Moments of tears like a waterfall! Moments of great gains! Moments of great Loss! There will be everything in between and it’s these moments that will take your breath away if you allow yourself to truly EXPERIENCE all the moments of life.
We often get caught up with worry, stress, sadness, and we allow it to consume us. The facts are that we are all going to experience loss, hurt, stress, and worry… The difference is how are you going to handle it? When losing someone close to you the pain is debilitating to the point where you feel as though you can’t function or do life. The reality of that is something I have experienced on multiple occasions… I think the biggest thing I have learned with the experience of loss is learning to celebrate the life lived by said person rather than spending precious time feeling sorry for my self. We will all experience loss and hurt and it’s completely healthy to feel all of those feelings. In fact it’s necessary. The biggest problem is that we as humans tend to mix sadness with feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s important to understand that fine line and if you are going to take time to feel sorry for yourself set a timer and once that timer goes off get up! Pull your grown up pants up and take one step at a time.

ENJOY- Enjoy all of the moments of life. It has become apparent to me that we all have to learn to enjoy life! In every situation you are faced with there will always be joy… I know some might say is there a way to enjoy that toddler temper tantrum in the middle of checkout and I say “yup”. The reason I say that is because the hardest part about that moment is every mom allows thoughts to start entering her mind… things like what are people thinking… how embarrassing all of this is … Well STOP. Take a deep breath and feel #secureandstrong in your ability to handle this situation and once you get to a calming place store that moment in your memory because there will come a time that you will say ahhhh you miss those moments. “This too shall pass”

Find what makes you feel secure and strong in your life! Once you figure that out things will start to fall into place. Make it a goal each and every day to Embrace! Experience! Enjoy!

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