I took the kids to Chick-Fil-a the other day… FIrst, we LOVE Chick-Fil-A… Such a clean, fun place. Anyway, I had to run to the bathroom and took Chan with me as I was walking back to the bathroom… I had an out of body experience. I kind of just stopped and looked around (Chandler was tugging at my hand to hurry up) and I realized that all the tables were full, the line was long and, yet it was quiet… There were 3 guys that looked to be construction workers actually chatting with one another in line no phones in sight for them… As I looked closer almost every single person had a phone out… There was an older couple sitting at a table with phones out and they were reading some sort of pamphlet. It was crazy! I looked back at the play area and all the kids were laughing and having a great time… While all these couples/friends/families were sitting at the tables just looking down at little hand held devices…. When did it become more important to boast about our life on social media than be present in the moment? I watched as a few mom’s snapped pictures and instantly uploaded to Facebook as the child was saying, “Mommy!!!! Watch me!!” The Mom responded with one minute sweety I have to upload this real quick…  (SMH)

Um…… Do you? Did you have to upload it right that moment… Was it really important that your small group of friends be aware that you brought your child to Chick o lay as Chan calls it hahaha

It made me really sad and also made me look at myself because I am just as guilty of this as the next person… We as a society are out of control… We NEEEEEEED to unplug! How many of you sit on the couch as a family and you are all on your phones instead of just being… How many of you take your kids to the park and spend time checking social media… I do!!
In our house we have a charging station on the counter where we each put out phones. We keep phones out of bedrooms and bathrooms… and while we eat we put them away… Even in doing that we still spend a lot of time checking social media and playing games… or what have you…

Our children do not need to use a tablet at a restaurant= I mean didn’t we choose to go to the restaurant to spend time together and relax so that we didn’t have to cook and clean up? If your on a date you should not be on your phone= yes take pictures, but refrain from posting until after you are finished… Spend time actual time with the people that you love the most…

I Love going out to eat and the first thing Jacob does is grab the sugar packets so that we can play tick tack toe…. or Chan asks for crayons or wants an air plain made out of his place mat… I like to chat about the day or just nonsense.
I think a lot of the times we have trained our brains to “need” constant praise for everything we do… Maybe that’s why we tell everyone when we clean our house or do our laundry or even take our kids to the park…. hehehe Whatever the reason it’s fine as long as you can be mindful of when you choose to share what’s going on in your life… Be present with the people that are present in your actual life.

My goal each and every day to be more present in this life I choose to live. Be more present in the life you Choose to live…

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