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551209_10201323987734903_1777683268_nA lot has happened in the past 4 weeks… The kids are full fledged into the sports of there choosing! Ashley has done fantastic at Cross thus far winning each of her races! So proud of her dedication! Jacob is doing fantastic at football. I have so much fun watching him move so quick on the field he really knows the game. 🙂 They are well into the school year and doing well with grades… We have normal struggles… keeping rooms clean, showering, brushing teeth.. you know the normal stuff you have to remind your kids about.

My life is pretty busy trying to juggle my own school work, helping the kids, the house, cooking, cleaning, taking care of Chandler, myself, and trying to keep Josh in the loop 🙂 I manage, but definitely couldn’t do it on my own. Thankful that I have a great partner in it all. The house lacks for sure, but I am becoming more and more okay with that. Mostly trying to embrace this time with Chandler because it goes so quick. I am probably a little crazy… I think we all are at times 🙂

Chandler is getting so big so quick.  He is up to 14 lbs and 4 ounces. I am so amazed with the amount he changes on a daily basis. He is very demanding and knows what he wants for sure. He has decided that the bottle is not a part of his life and neither is the pacifier. That only leaves my boobs lol. We have started giving him a little rice cereal and he seems to do well with that. I have been making baby food and it’s rather easy. Picked apples off our apple trees and the farmers market is something I am taking advantage of. He is starting to really interact with us which is so sweet.  It really is sweet to watch the older kids with him. That warms my heart like nothing else. He watches them both so intently. I can only hope that they will have an amazing relationship in the future. I can’t express into word the feeling I get when I watch Josh with him. That is Amazing.

Now that I have elaborated on the sweet gushy stuff I should probably get into the realities of all of this. Chandler tends to pee all over about 3-4 times a week it mostly happens if we are trying to get somewhere. (this makes us late, not me) Also, he is deciding that his car seat is not an Amazing place. This attitude he gets honest… He enjoys being the center of attention and well when in his car seat staring at the back seat, well this doesn’t fit that center of attention thing very well. He enjoys being “loved” this means that he likes for his mom (me) to make laps around the house to put him to sleep only after nursing for about 40 minutes… Then he is ready for bed and only after those things take place. lol Now we have our moments I am still trying to get used to pushing his stroller and remember that just because I stop doesn’t mean the stroller will stop. He is safely buckled but has taken a ride or two into the side of my car or down a hill… I have however caught him quickly. I wear him when going to the store mostly because I am so amazing at steering the cart and adding a car seat to that will probably add to my amazingness at it. Plus it’s just easier.

That’s all for now…

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