Children- 13, 9, 4 months

13, 9, and 4 months! They are all absolutely Amazing! I feel so blessed that I get to experience them on a daily bases, but it is hard! Ashley being 13 – she has begun to be into boys, and she is experimenting with her clothes and trying to find herself. These are all beautiful things they really are, but why can’t she go back to just wanting to play zombies with Jacob. We have started to give her a little freedom, and this is something I struggle with because there’s the questions such as: What is okay?: How long? bla bla bla So, she has been to the movies with friends, 2 middle school games, and part of a high school game. All of which she is fine, but I am pretty sure that I have palpitations while she is there wondering who she’s talking to, what she’s doing, is she safe, is she warm, are there old creepers… I just try and deep breathe and tell myself that we are good parents and we teach/show her on a daily basis to respect herself and others, that she is smart and beautiful on the inside and out. 🙂 Everyday I look at her and she just get’s prettier and prettier if that’s even possible.

Jacob is 9, and he is very out going makes friends where ever we go, but he is going through a testing phase… I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass! He really does make my heart smile. I look at him and I am so impressed at how well he has adapted to life changes. I am not looking forward to him being double digits. Boy he has the most beautiful blue eyes! They are fabulous! Then there’s that smile…

Chandler being almost 5 months old!! Where has the time gone. I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that we brought him home! He is changing everyday. The little smiles, laughs, facial expressions. I want to savor them all. I wake up everyday blessed! I honestly can’t imagine our lives without him. To think that neither one of us wanted anymore kids. I think that he truly completes us. He is very sure of what he wants. He likes to be held and walked. He thinks he should be the center of attention and he lets you know if he’s not. Napping is something he’s not a fan of (This is because he might miss something). He is starting to eat foods now! That is so fun! His favorite this far is carrots and bananas! Although I would say rice cereal with apples sauce is a close third! He loves to make noise and play with his friends. I think he already knows what the camera is because he cheeses for sure!

Josh and I… I can honestly say I am more in love with him everyday. Watching him with the kids is something special that words really can’t change. I think that he levels me out. I think I have truly found a partner in life. He surprises me all the time. Makes me laugh so much more than cry. (so this is a win win right?) We have our arguments like everyone, but I think that’s semi healthy and needed in every relationship. At times I feel like we get caught up in life, but we catch it and try and slow down and just take it all in. I love that he loves me! I often ask myself how did I get so darn lucky! I am so glad that he chooses me everyday!! I think that’s important to realize in a partner because it is a choice everyday. 🙂

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