What does this life mean?


Throughout the last couple of weeks I have been trying to wrap my head around this life… What does it all mean? What are we supposed to do? What is right? What is wrong? Why can’t we all just get along???

The more I question this the more I keep coming back to this…

I have been trying to look back on my life and it’s really funny how the majority of the day to day activities I can’t remember, I can’t remember some of the places I have been, people I have met, I can’t remember some of the conversations that I have had… This is crazy right because we are told to live each day to the fullest to make memories and that these days are going to impact our futures… How is that possible if I can’t even remember it…


My answer: Take pictures they help you to remember everything. Be nice because maybe you don’t remember a conversation, but I bet someone else remembers that same conversation that you can’t. Help a stranger you might not be able to remember this small gesture of goodness, but that person that you are helping will remember it. Make memories with you kids each day, because you might not remember those small “unimportant” moments, but they will… They will remember you deciding to play with them instead of watching that show… Wash those loads of laundry because maybe it’s something you won’t remember or even enjoy, but the people that your washing those clothes for will remember it. Show up to those places you don’t want to go because maybe you can impact someones life in that moment. This is why we life each day to the fullest. This is why we try and find positives when there don’t seem to be any. This is why we do these minuscule tasks that seem unimportant.


I believe this whole heatedly… There have been multiple times that people have said to me, “Hey I remember you” and me not having a clue who that person was or is. Share the word of God, pray for your friends and family, pray for strangers, offer a shoulder, offer an ear, offer a hand. Pray for yourself we all need it. Maybe it won’t make a difference that day, but later in life that person that you offered those things for may be able to say that because of something you said they were able to make a change.

The days seem so long, but the years fly by. focus more on the day and less on the year. With social media all in our faces we all have a tenancy to maybe look at someone else and think the life they are living is better than the life your living… FACT is that the life your living is GREAT! The life they are living is GREAT! We are all very different, we all have different aspirations and goals. This is a great and glorious thing. If everyone wanted the same thing that would be boring! When you see someone being a “stay at home mom” let them know they are important, When you see someone working in a factory let them know they are important, when you see someone serving tables let them know they are valued! When you see someone picking up your garbage leave a special note for them… THAT IS AN IMPORTANT job! If you are at the hospital waiting for a long time take a deep breath and know that those people in the medical field are important and they going as fast as they can… because I know it’s hard to believe, but you are not the only person that needs help. Maybe instead of downgrading your child’s school be a volunteer.


Be the change you want to see! Treat people (all the people) how you want to be treated! Let people embrace life in the way they want to! (as long as they aren’t harming themselves or others). Let people LOVE who they want to love! We are all wanting the same thing… We all want to be respected and appreciated and loved… Show those things to others


I am trying to be better than I was yesterday and tomorrow I am going to try and be better than I was the day before that… I am going to fail on some days! I am going to excel on some days! I am going to smile, cry, and everything in between. Let’s all just try!

Live the life you Love! Love the life you Live!


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