Walk with me

Come and take a walk with me, while we walk just try and see what I see.
I see happy where there was once sadness!
I see opportunity where there was once only despair!
I see experiences where there was once only dreams!
I see choices where there was once a choice!
I see connections where there was once loneliness!

Every morning I choose to set my alarm extra early, I choose to wake up before everyone else in the house and grab my paddle board and spend an hour on the water. The peace that I feel and the calm that I experience while on the water is something I can’t even explain. It’s in a way freeing. It has opened my mind to new ideas and thoughts. This morning for instance I finished my workout and I had some extra time so I just sat on my board looking at the water and the surroundings… There are millions of these tiny little water bugs that just hop along the water. It’s amazing really because they are so tiny that you actually have to really look to see them. They hop along and they make these incredible little rings that just continue to stretch to be these giant ripples. As I sat there I watched this happen hundreds of times and it hit me! We as a people are these tiny little beans and we are making these tiny little ripples every day that are actually turning into big ripples and affecting so much more than we could ever imagine. My question is then what kind of ripples are you making as you hop along this big beautiful world?

This morning the water like a mirror. When looking down at the water I could see perfect reflections of everything around the water, and I put my hand in and it made just enough movement that the mirrored image began to get a little blurry, but then the more movements with my hand and the more the image changed. It began to make a different new image. Made me think we are kind of like that too. As children we basically mirror exactly what our parents show us. Then as we get older and start to explore different opportunities (move our hands if you will) we start to change the image. This sort of thing continues as time continues until the image that we see is something completely different than we ever thought possible. It’s kind of amazing when you think about it from the stand point that the image that you show the world can be what you choose.



 Will you take a walk with me, what do you see?
will you see happy where there was once sadness?
Will you see opportunity where there was once only despair?
Will you see experiences where there was once only dreams?
Will you see choices where there was once a choice?
Will you see connections where there was once loneliness?

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