As I sit here and think about life… Life as a mom, partner, friend, sister, woman, and grownup. There are some truths that I am realizing exist in this very big, but small world. We as a people thrive on negativity! We as a people thrive on people going through drama! We as a people enjoy when people are on our level.


Yesssssssssss!! I said it! Why did I say it? Well, as I scroll through the social media platforms and watch the news and just watch how people interact in general we are surrounded by a lot of negative people and things! Now, let me tell you what it is that I see as I scroll through social media. I see people sharing a lot of negative coverage: things like sharing stories of people robbing others, or people raping children and everything in between… I see people sharing videos of people doing absolutely inappropriate things… WHY? Why are people giving these people more publicity? Why are people teaching young people that if you do inappropriate things that it will get shared all over social media and you can become a star????


You know what I don’t see. I don’t see a lot of people on my friends list sharing positive things… Maybe someone you know shared a video of them singing a song or playing an instrument… I have a friend on my list that puts herself out there by offering free live workouts…I don’t see anyone sharing that? There are friends that share weight loss stories and no one shares that. I have personally put myself out there with different things… blogs, products, what have you… I have a friend that makes awesome product. I have a friend that published a book bought multiple copies and only sold a handful of said books…

I’m bringing this up because why do we as people share complete strangers posts or posts from the x factor or whatever of people singing when you have a friend I am sure that puts themselves out there and shares a video of them… The only way to change the negative is to be the positive!

It’s funny in almost all businesses they say to advertise online to friends and family and things will take off from there, but honestly, what I have found is that perfect strangers share stuff more than said family and friends. Take a look at peoples friends lists I bet it’s at least 200 people, but go look at said person’s wall and see how many people interact with posts… I bet it’s 5-10 on average.


I’m just saying…………………………………………..

I’m just saying we should be building people up not just when they share something negative, but when they share something positive as well! We should be wanting to share local talent! We should be wanting to share people’s stories that we know! I don’t know about you, but I love when I see someone that I knew/know share a talent that they have! Let’s teach our youth that when they share the positive attributes they have it will be recognized! Teach them to have expectations for themselves! Teach them and ourselves to focus on doing good in this world!



When we took a leap of faith and shared our Tables4tots videos it was a pretty awesome feeling to see that our page had over 1000 likes, but the sad part was that only bout 30 of those likes were people from out friends list… The rest were complete strangers. That’s insane to me…



Build each other up!! Share positive up lifting content! Things outside of our control are going to happen… There are going to be sad, maddening, and just bad things happen and we should reach out to people when these things happen, but we should also reach out to said people when they have happy, amazing, and just all around awesome things go on!!

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