Happy Mamas Day!

Motherhood is a little like these shells…. They are beautiful! When held in this manor they create this perfect heart filled with color, texture, and absolute awesomeness. When you look a little closer there are a ton of broken shells, some awful colors, with some really sharp edges…

As Mothers Day approaches…

As a Mom there is a lot of pressure from all angles… There is pressure from friends and family… There’s pressure from teachers and doctors… There is pressure from media and everywhere in between… Pressure to be the best Mom! Pressure to make the best dinners, and to have your child involved in every possible activity… AHHHH

What is Motherhood to me? Well, Motherhood is a lot of things…

Being a Mom is feeling on top of the world one minute and then feeling like you’re about to lose your shit next!
Being a Mom is bed time stories a long with hiding in the pantry to eat the last cookie!
Being a Mom is sleepless nights and pajamas all day (this is success in my book)
Being a Mom is planning out all of your perfect meals for the week, then arriving to Wed and Pizza it is!
Being a Mom is laundry for days and days and days!
Being a Mom is beautiful and a little ugly too!
Being a Mom is being puked on, shit on, peed on, and some how still feeling like your angel is the most amazing gift ever!
Being a Mom is showing love and compassion along with rules and accountability.
Being a Mom sometimes means you are the bad guy… Then sometimes you are the hero! (embrace the hero moments)
Being a Mom is the single hardest job that you will ever do!
Being a Mom is the single Greatest gift you will ever receive!

It’s so AMAZING because without any prior knowledge of anything once you become a Mom you become a jack of all trades! You are suddenly a nurse, a doctor, a maid, an expert on laundry, you are now a chef, you will eventually become a taxi driver, and if you choose to have multiples you will become a referee! Oh and a baker, a stylist, a therapist, your child’s biggest fan, and you will quickly become familiar with things you never dreamed you could become familiar with… The best part of all of that is that you get paid!! You get paid with the most valuable monies in the world! You get paid with kisses and hugs from you sweet babies! You get paid with thank you’s and I love you’s! Honestly, there isn’t a better paying job out there!

As a Mom you will believe that you are failing each and everyday… You will!! The truth is that you are never failing because the fact is that each and every day you are doing what you can with what you have! Some days that might mean that you eat left overs and your child has screen time all day… (This is not failing, this is living!) Life is hard and the fact is that you are teaching your child that not only is it okay to have a lazy day it’s needed! As a Mom we tend to over think a ton… the fact is that we are all capable and doing what we need to do! I know this because God chose you to be a Mama! Maybe he chose you to give birth and become a Mom in that sense… but maybe just maybe he chose you to impact a child’s life because the Mama that gave birth isn’t able to provide what you can provide… As women being a mom simply means loving a child unconditionally and sacrificing for that child! Being there for that child! Loving that child! Teaching that child!

As Mother’s day approaches= I am thankful that God placed 2 Mom’s in my life… One that gave birth to me and one that loved me unconditionally! Norma Jean HIse- What a fiery fierce woman! She was strong in every sense of the word! I miss her dearly! I am thankful that God allowed me to experience such a fabulous Mama!

I am also thankful that I have been given this wonderful gift of Motherhood!

ove this give that you have been given and on the hard days just remember- Our children are gifts!! 🙂

Happy Happy Mama’s Day!!
Below you will see an awesome gift idea! Fill out what you love about your Mom!



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