Niagara Falls 07/2017


Woah! 7 hours in the car, 4 states, and memories for a life time! For as long as I can remember I have wanted to see Niagara Falls up close and personal. We are so blessed that we were able to experience that this weekend. After hours of research and hundreds of blogs read everything pointed to The Maid of Mist being a must do activity. Building up to our trip and really most of my life I have built the falls up in my head and part of me was a little nervous that maybe they wouldn’t meet my expectations…


Note to self- next time we will wear sandals and not tennis shoes- our feet got soaked, but even with soaked feet we had so much fun! The poncho’s that they give out are awesome and we plan on keeping ours to as a momento. They definitely tried to upsell us on other activities, but we stayed strong and just went with the Mist, it was the most up close and personal activity. After “The Maid of the Mist” we walked over to #goatisland which was incredible! The views were spectacular, and the atmosphere was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

The best part with #themaidofmist is that you ge to see both sides of the falls from the bottom up. The sheer power and mightiness of the falls was unlike anything I have ever seen. After climbing to the top of a mountain, walking on the beach, seeing and hearing ocean waves crashing in, walking through a forest, and everything in between- Our God is such a GREAT GOD! Such a perfect Father! He is constantly providing the tools we need to succeed! He has given us so much awesome. He just wants us to have it all. We just have to be willing to walk the path that he has cleared for us.

I feel so incredibly blessed that we are able to Embrace adventures together, Experience moments like this that engulf us, and that we choose to Enjoy this life that we choose to live. I love that we have shifted our mindsets- from a place of having so many things, to a place of EXPERIENCING so many places.

Niagara Falls was definitely a bucket list check-

After visiting The Maid of Mist, and Goats island we were able to walk over and experience Free Saturday Funday! It was a blast! They had a petting zoo, life sized games, and more fun than we imagined! It was a blast! After a couple games of connect 4, which Chandler beat me, and a serious life sized game of Checkers- I still remain the champion. We loved on the goats, cows, llamas, oh and a little turtle. Niagara Falls downtown didn’t disappoint, oh and followed up the day with a swim in the pool! Felt good to relax after a 7 hour drive and over 12 thousand steps for the day 🙂 Ended the trip with a little shopping!

After all of this- Get up and go after what you want! Take chances, and explore your surroundings. There is so much beauty and awesome wonder around us. Embrace people not things, Experience moments, not things, Enjoy the life that you live and if you don’t then take steps to change is so that you can Enjoy it. You are in the driver seat. Take a knee and ask for help.

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