My Prayer for you-

18- There was a time that it felt so far away, like it wasn’t within arms reach, but here you are about to embark on Adulthood! Adulthood is just another beautiful chapter in your life if you let it be. Take each day just as you have for the past 18 years, listen to advice from those around you, and be brave enough to carry some of it with you, but also strong enough to politely decline some of it. You will know the right path- Never put too much stress into any one area, because that stress doesn’t help any situation to be better or be gone faster. Instead- pray first, ask for help second, and have faith. Throughout your life you have been able to experience some awesome places, people, and things along the way. Allow those experiences to guide you as you head into this next chapter of your book.

Our prayer for you-

We pray that you never let your past hinder your future, instead use your past as stepping stones to get where you want to go.
We pray that you are always true to you, in that you don’t alter your needs and wants because of fear of rejection or anything else.
We pray that you always maintain faith- I promise you God has a plan for you and as along as you have faith and allow him to work through you everything else will fall into place.
We pray that you always pray- This will allow you to have such a firm foundation in everything that you do!
We pray that you don’t take life too serious- The world is your playground! You are supposed to go and play!
We pray that you always set goals and pursue them.
We pray that you can always find a positive to every situation.
We pray that you are always appreciative of the people that are wanting to help you and love you.
We pray that you choose to Embrace each day and consider it a gift.
We pray that you Experience each moment that life gives you- Each moment that you are given to experience will one day be a part of your master piece!
We pray that you Enjoy the things that you are doing- Enjoy the hard work because it will pay off!

Happy 18th Birthday Ashley! Make this a year to remember!

We love you!

Welcome to Adulthood!!





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