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Today is such a big day in our house, I mean HUGE! I woke up extra early, did some sewing, and took the big guy to school, came home and not to long after I was in route to take Chan to school. Josh and I worked as a team to get him ready, and we were both sure to encourage him and let him know that he was going to do Great at school (he’s been crying each day that I drop him off). As I am taking him to school he says Mom I am not going to cry today… I loaded him up with some calming oils and moment of truth- We pull up and here comes Mrs. Green, and Chan was brave oh so brave! He waves to me and says I’ll see you soon Mama! NO TEARS! SUCCESS!!!!!!

I still cried like a baby and in celebration of him being excited for school, but it was still a little sad because our baby boy is really growing up! He is gaining his independence- This is such a beautiful experience. He is such a blessing!

Here I am having adult time at the coffee shop, I order my coffee and come back take a seat and a lady strolls in and pulls up a chair at the table in front of me, then not long after a couple of other ladies come and join her, then before  know it there are 5 older ladies siting at the table in front of me- I stare for a minute just in love with everything that is happening at this table. They are just heckling it up, laughing and just having a time!

As I am sitting here and observing what’s happening- this is just a reminder of the importance of a circle! The importance of a village, the importance of friendship. They chatted about trips, and planned dates. They laughed about absolutely outlandishly unimportant things. There they were a group of ladies in there sixties, but hearts as young as can be. It’s beautiful sight!

This got me thinking- We are all busy! We all have schedules and kids and lives! We all have so many important appointments to get to and important everythings… but maybe if we set a date with a friend we should treat that as an important appointment as well, and not something that can just be canceled so quick. Life is such a precious gift! It really really is, but more importantly the people that love you and take time out for you are such important gifts as well, and I think sometimes when we get caught up in life we forget that and we treat them as if they are replaceable… or maybe we treat them more like as if they will always be there? What happens when they aren’t. Will that doctor comfort you? Will that job hold your hand in your hard times of need? I’m not saying to just quit your job- I’m simply saying make time for the people in your lives that you love.

It’s interesting to me because we will tell someone- Hey let’s make time to get together, but then we never even attempt to set up that date because we are busy, then the damndest thing happens, you get a phone call and that person passed away. Guess who makes time? Oh you do. You take time off of work you cancel all other plans and you attend a funeral and you profess your love to this person. Think about that-

I know this because I have experienced this- I had plans with my nephew to go to his house and I never made it, because I felt like we had all the time in the world, but we didn’t. Instead we didn’t have anytime at all. Instead we all made time to be present at his memorial. Talk about a slap in the face. It was in this moment that I decided I would change my thoughts on life.

I am in the business of #makingmemories! I am in the business of Embracing this wonderful gift of life! I am in the business of Experiencing all of the moments that life gives me! I am in the business of trying to Enjoy the gifts that are given to me (gifts like breath and life).

Take time today, tomorrow, and the next day to Embrace those around you! Take time to Experience your Life! Tak time to Enjoy everything else. #laughter is such an important part of life! Make time to laugh with your friends! 🙂



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