I’m “JUST”

I realize that I catch myself and others always saying, “I’m JUST…” You can end this sentence with things like:

I am just:

A stay at home Mom
I am just a coach
I am just a representative
I am just a student
I am just helper
I am just a substitute teacher
I am just an Administrator
I am just a receptionist
I am just a mechanic
I am just a web designer
I am just a wife / husband
I am just a person
I am just human

This is a huge problem with people before we even get to know someone when telling them this sort of thing we are already breaking ourselves down. We are already negatively announcing ourselves. We all do it and we don’t even realize it. Next time someone says to you, “Oh, what do you do?” Try and make it a point to say the answer with a little more authority.




I”ll tell you why- Here’s the facts what ever your title is I assure you that you had to work to get where you are. You had to travel a road that was lonely at times, rough at times, felt like you couldn’t make it at times. I have said, “Oh, I’m just a stay at home mom.” Ahhhh JUST!! Are you kidding me! This isn’t a title that I took on lightly- It was a big decision that we made as a family and it’s hard! Why do I down play it and say it like it’s not important when the fact is that it’s so important because I am shaping tiny humans on a daily basis! This is important people! Maybe you are a working Mom or Dad what ever your title say it with authority. Own it! Maybe you say something like oh I’m a wife or I’m a husband- These are important roles! You made a choice to be someones partner in life and as happy as you are I am sure you both have had ups and downs and the road to get to where you are hasn’t been perfectly paved.


Being human is hard whether you are a tiny human or a grown up human. What ever stage you are in, whatever title you give yourself OWN IT. Try saying it with authority next time. I remember years ago when I was a single mom and I would tell someone and say it with a slight embarrassment because I was scared of how they would judge me, but how ridiculous! I tip my hat to single parents, married parents- shit I tip my hat to anyone that steps up to the parenting plate! That’s a tough job! Own your Title!


Share your title with confidence! 

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