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Living an

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Embracing moments

There will be choices- Choices that will lead you in different directions- Left, Right, Up, and Down. there is no right or wrong direction- for each one will lead you somewhere. The question that is constantly asked is “Where is the book of life?” My answer is that you probably own it- You just forget to open it. The book of life is the Bible.The answers are across every page. The problem is that it requires taking time to open it and actually read it. It requires you to sit down and have an actual conversation without your hand held device. This is a book that you have to spend time with every day-

Relying on this book requires faith- Faith to me is Furiously Anchoring In The Heavens. The biggest problem with Faith that I experience is stepping into the unknown.

Have you ever experienced that moment you are standing in  clear blue water and you can see the bottom and there is that reassured feeling of confidence and understanding, along with perspective. Just a sense of complete assurance that the next step will be absolutely perfect. Now, I compare having faith more to standing in dark blue almost black water- When standing in water like this you look down and you can’t even see your legs let alone your feet or the bottom of the ocean floor, while you are standing there you have a guide with snorkeling gear that tells you everything is clear and that they can reassure you that the next steps that you take will be completely safe because they have already cleared the path for you. Taking that step is one of the hardest steps that you will take because of that FEAR! FEAR of the unknown… Fear being Fake Experiences Altering your Reality-

It’s easy to say that you have faith when things are clear and easy to see, but the struggle comes when the path is unknown or less traveled. It’s that Fear that stands in our way of really finding out who we are and where we are meant to be. A lot of times we allow that fear to fill our heads and hearts with so much chaos that there isn’t anyway that we can hear any thing else going on. It’s funny when we take a step back from ourselves and our own thoughts- there are answers waiting for us. There are truths that are being said to us, we are just to stubborn or scared to hear them. Only when we allow ourselves to experience absolute faith can we really become the person we are meant to be.

It is really terrifying to have absolute faith and allow our Heavenly Father to transform us in such a way because we have these preconceived notions of what our lives are “supposed” to look like or who we are “supposed” to be in our own minds. When the truth is that we aren’t always the best person to be in the driver seat. Opening the car door and taking a seat in the backseat isn’t easy at least not for me… Seriously we spend our entire youth counting the days until we can sit in the front seat, then we spend time counting the days until we can sit in the driver seat! Ahhh then once we are there and we get ourselves lost and absolutely discombobulated we are yelling and crying “Jesus Take The Wheel!!” Then when he does we question him because the picture is so different than we imagined it could be.

Isn’t there absolute awesomeness in that though! I mean if we only amounted to what we only used colors that we see in our own minds, wouldn’t our pictures be a little boring, it’s not until we can have absolute faith and open ourselves up to the awesome that is in store for us that we can truly experience colors and perfection in such a way.

The road isn’t easy, but it is worth it! Keep climbing in the unknown. Take steps in the dark waters- Have absolute faith!
FURIOUSLY          ANCHOR           IN          THE           HEAVENS





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