Yesterday was one of those days that you struggle with being positive and feeling like a failure… Maybe it’s just me that has this struggle. I find myself trying to be positive and really just seeing good when the good is hard to see, but there are moments where all of that goes out the window and I have a little pitty party for myself.
I am realizing that I “struggle” more than I let on! Surprise- I don’t share all of that on social media! Maybe it’s because I would rather show myself as this secureandstrong girl that won’t let media or people or anyone else bring me down! There are multiple areas of my life where I struggle with feeling like am I enough! By enough I mean am I enough for my kids, my partner, my friends, and life in general? When things are going really great I am the person that will question “Do I deserve this?” Don’t worry when things aren’t gong great I am also the person that will question “Do I deserve this? SERIOUSLY!! “The STRUGGLE”



I believe I try very hard to be so much for everyone else (as I am sure most of you do too) I try and be positive and share posts that are uplifting to women! I try and combat medias version of perfect and tell myself that it’s ridiculous. Then I notice that I have moments of weakness where I look in the mirror and I don’t feel like ¬†#enough! I don’t feel #secureandstrong! I think it’s in those moments that I tend to feel like I am failing in all the other areas in my life as well.




I had some alone time in the car yesterday and I obviously had time to think… I was questioning why I post so much about feeling comfortable in your own skin? Why I post so much about Embracing, Experiencing, and Enjoying everything around you… Including you. My conclusion is that I need those positive vibes! I need to hear and read that I am enough! I need to see that I am enough!




I sat down to watch TV the other day and every commercial that came on was about this creme and or this bra and or had just this ¬†idea of a woman that most of us will never be… I finally was like FUCK you media!! FUCK you and what you stand for! FUCK you for making women feel like we aren’t enough!! FUCK you for not showing realistic women with real lives!! FUCK you for not high lighting real women that live in the real world!



I will say I am in LOVE with Doves commercials! Thank you Dove for showcasing women of all colors, shapes, and sizes!




This post is more just a reality check… I think sometimes it’s important to be vulnerable… To show that maybe we aren’t as strong as we let on. That’s just the truth! With that being said I will continue to blast as much positive and uplifting stuff that I can because maybe just maybe it’s not just helping me! Also because I would rather see posts about uplifting women and people in general than ones that are tearing people down. Life is hard enough! We don’t need to see negative every where we look! I will continue to mirror what I strive to be! I will continue to share my positive thoughts and ideas! I will do this because having moments of weakness is way better than days or weeks or even months!

Choose to see that you are worth it!

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