Lately there have been a lot of posts basically saying that “gay” people are going to hell and don’t deserve the same rights as we have…

My heart has been so heavy over all of this. I refuse to believe that our loving God is going to condemn two people for finding love! My nephew Steven Moore (an amazing person). He was taken from us far too soon. He was a homosexual as you would say, but more than that he was a lover of people and a friend to all. I refuse to think  that a person with such an amazing heart like his was condemned to hell because of his sexual orientation.


I would rather a gay couple have a baby/child and raise that said child than a Mom./Dad that doesn’t take care of the child. Also, it’s not unnatural to adopt. I was adopted and I am thankful that there were two people that loved me so much to call me there own…

I’m also pretty sure that Joseph raised “Jesus” Was that unnatural?

Who are we to say what is natural or unnatural. A family unit doesn’t have to be bound by blood.

I think that it is way more important to just accept people for who they are. We as Christians shouldn’t judge. We are all sinners! We will always be sinners. I don’t think any of us can say whether our sins are better or worse that another person’s sins.

We live in America… That means “Land of the Free” not just free for one group of people… that is freedom for all people. There was a time in this country when they separated people based on skin color… Seriously that is horrible. There shouldn’t be any separation.

So all people and all groups should be able to marry and live the li  images (1)fe they choose to live. Freedom of Choice!

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