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From the time we are little we are asked things such as: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you want to be when you grow up? While, these questions sound great in theory, these questions are a little crazy too~ Life doesn’t workout the way we envision it too… While planning is nice and necessary to an extent it’s also a little silly too. It puts stress on us that we don’t really need. I am learning everyday that plans are meant to be broken… and really if we all learned to relax a little we wouldn’t get so down on ourselves for things not working out the way we envisioned… We wouldn’t beat ourselves up so much.

For as long as I can remember I have put so much weight on myself and I tend to get upset when things don’t go the way I planned on them to go or things aren’t perfect… Although, I think that with everything happening in the past 2 years I am learning that life doesn’t go as planned and that’s okay. Life isn’t meant to be planned. Life is meant to be experienced! Life is meant to be embraced! The sweetest moments in life aren’t the ones that   we plan that are perfectly executed… Instead the sweetest moments in life are those imperfect moments when everything around you is crazy and your sweet baby angel says his/her fist word! How about when you trying to clean the house because it’s an absolute disaster and your sweet angel takes that first step! What about in your relationship – those moments that you are an absolute mess, emotionally, mentally, and physically and your partner comes home with your favorite drink or mean or whatever…

Take a look at your childhood… Are your fondest memories the days that your Mom or Dad kept the house in perfect order? Are your favorite memories those moments that everything went as planned? Are your favorite memories the times when you were wearing that perfect outfit?  I will tell you that my perfect memories are the ones that my family would all be in town for a holiday or a weekend and our house was the messiest because it was cluttered with every ones stuff! My favorite meals were the ones that the kitchen was a disaster because my mom had flower on every inch of the kitchen… or when she would make thousands of cookies for Christmas and us kids were decorate them…. The moments that we would spend time at Sparta Lake barefoot and in swim suits bathing in the lake haha As I get older my favorite memories with my kids aren’t the ones that we were all dressed in perfect outfits and heading to that special dinner…. My favorite memories with my kids are playing in the rain, dirt, or just hanging out with friends and family with no expectations…

I guess my point to all of this is- STOP! Stop stressing about everything! Stop worrying if your house is spotless! Stop worrying about whether or not your child is involved in enough activities! Stop worrying about whether or not they have the best toys or electronics… STOP worrying if your enough~ START START- laughing with your kids! Start laughing with your friends! Start spending time without expectations! Start loving people for who they are and NOT who you want them to be….

Over the last couple of months our lives have been absolutely insane, but absolutely awesome at the same time…. We have been adventuring and trying new things that we haven’t done… and it’s been perfect! We sold our house, car, furniture, and donated a ton of items. We are currently living in this Awesome condo (it kind of feels like we are on vacation) The people buying our house have moved in and our stuff is boxed up and in the garage. We will be in this condo until the end of the month… After that we are heading to North Carolina (we aren’t sure where at) We have parameters that we know we want in a property and I am sure we will be where we need to be…

The best part is that I feel absolutely at peace with it because though out my entire life no matter the situation everything has worked out even if I didn’t think it was going to… There has never been a moment in my life that things didn’t  fall into place. I am realizing that throughout my entire life I have allowed myself to stress and feel guilty and just ruin days… perfectly great days! I am going to continue to continue praying and trusting, and trying to allow myself to embrace this mess! My mess! After all my mess is everything I have ever wanted! My life is a perfect mess! Allow your mess to happen! Allow yourself to love your mess! Allow yourself to embrace the absolutely crazy moments! Allow yourself to not feel guilty!

Take those little victories and celebrate them! Also, understand that your victories are different than mine and that is okay!!!

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