Am I still pregnant?

I am 35 weeks and a couple days pregnant now. Things are going fantastic. He was measuring at 34 weeks at our last appointment, my weight gain has been 16 total lbs up to this point, and my blood pressure is fantastic. All of which makes me so happy and relieved. He is still so super active and I like feeling him move because it puts my mind at ease, however, I do find it to be a little painful on occasion. He has dropped and is just hanging out in my vaginal cavity. This is so uncomfortable. I have been trying to stay active.  The kids helped pick out his outfit for coming home from the hospital and it is so super sweet! We are physically ready for his arrival.  We have everything washed and ready. Emotionally I am still trying figure out how I will balance my attention. I always said I could never love another child the way that I love Jacob, and I said that for years and then I met Josh and Ashley became a huge part of my life and I love her so much. I have learned that I love them in different ways (if that makes sense) As this pregnancy continues I find myself falling more in love with this little angel baby boy. So that doesn’t worry me so much anymore.  Now the worry is how do you balance it all. Our kids are very active with being in sports and we are always on the go. (we enjoy this) Throwing a baby in the mix changes everything.

Onto my hair brain moments:

The other day I found myself jumping on the bed face down. The bed looked so inviting. Once I hit the bed I realized oh my goodness my belly, my back, and really my whole self, pain, and embarrassment. I laughed for quite sometime thinking how ridiculous this whole thing was. The relay for life was this weekend and I always put together a team, but this year I felt like being so late in the pregnancy it would have been too much. However, I did want to go up and partake in the events as it is very special to my heart and while I was there.I decide I am going to run because this was a good idea. Let me tell you it felt great while I was doing this activity, but as soon as I stopped the pains started.

I blame pregnancy brain-


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