33 Weeks and 4 days!

Well it’s time for us to start our sprint!! The house is coming along. Baby clothes are washed and put away, pack n play is set up and ready to go, crib is up and cleaned with the bed made, and we are patiently awaiting our swee Chandler’s arrial.  It’s crazy to think that we are this close.

Ashley is getting ready for her last conference meet. 🙂 She has done fantastic all season and I am sure she will go out with a bang at Saturday’s meet.

Jacob’s baseball season has started out really strong. They have won boh games played.  He is doing great as well. A couple of hits and RBI’s! A couple homeruns and good field plays.

Pregnancy symptoms are at an all time high. Morning sickness is getting better the episodes are few and far between 🙂 I am happy with the weight gain thus far being at 145 🙂 My skin is feeling super tight and I know that it’s not really going to rip,but there are times that it does feel as though that’s going to happen. I have also noticed that I tend to almost pee my pants often. After a bit of physical activity I notice that I tend to waddle a lot. I am in denial and say that I don’t waddle, but I do. Also, my boobs are very sore a lot of the time, but they are growing which is so exciting. You can’t really see that they are because of the size of my uterus, but I know they are (silver Lining). My feet are swelling more often along with my hands.

Everything has changed over the years with the rules of taking care of babies so  I tend to keep myself occupied with reading up on all the latest information. 🙂

I am feeling a lot calmer this last trimester than the second. I think a lot of that is because I have such an amazing support system with Josh. He really does make my wholeself smile. I am pretty sure he is such a blessing in my life.

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