A little view into 2015

Ashley is at Eagle Tech and has acclimated well to life as a high school student. She is auditing her classes for the next few weeks because of the fact that they are on trimesters. I think this is good for her because it gives her a chance to get to know the schedule and teachers and what they expect before being thrown to the wolves. She has joined key club, this is an organization that focuses on community awareness and helping out. She has also committed to going to Belize on a mission trip with our church family. This will be an amazing experience for her and help her grow as a person.

Jacob has started back to Little Turtle and is in the fifth grade. He is doing great! He enjoys going to school and is excited to be back with friends and playing dodge ball in gym class. He just started basketball… He had his first game on Saturday without any practices. He is the youngest kid on his team and ended up being a starter on Sat. I love to watch him play sports because he just turns into this determined, focused, and completely serious boy. We just celebrated his 11th birthday this weekend. He has entered the cell phone world. He is growing so fast!

Chandler is now 19 months old. He is a spirited, stubborn, and funny baby boy. He loves music and dancing. He climbs on everything! He has amazing balance and has no real fear. He still loves for me to hold him a lot of the time. If he falls or gets hurt he will come to me so I can kiss the area to make it all better. He is a fabulous signer. He is starting to talk a little more. He doesn’t watch tv. He enjoys puzzles and books. He also likes to play in the rice bin. He likes to watch the kids get on the bus. He enjoys being outside all the time. We are very ready for summer weather. He is a helper… He helps unfold the clothes as I fold them, he helps unload the dishwasher as I load it, he helps to empty cabinets as I fill them, he helps empty out the toy bins as I fill them up,

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