32 weeks! :)

Things are going well on the home front.  Both kids are vey busy with there extra curriculars.  Ashley – Track / Jacob – Baseball.  They are both doing Great and it is so exciting watching them with thier teams. It is a little tiring at times, but well worth it. Chandler is on the homeward stretch to making his arrival.  He is doing acceptional! Meauring at 32 cm and crazy active 90 percent of the day.  He definately reminds me all the time that he is in there :).  His movements are bitter sweet. I love them, however they are a little uncomfortable sometimes.  I am sure that there isn’t anymore room for him left in my uterus. The other day I was driving home and almost hit a sgn because his kick caught me off guard.  Today we had our 32 week check up and I am happy to say I have completed the gluclose test after 3 times of trying it. It was rather exciting. I just kept saying out loud I am a rockstar. The phlebotomist even said it with me. bahaha!! 🙂

We are getting more and more prepared here at home for the arrival of Baby Chandler. We have had such great support from such Great people in our lives. I can’t express our gratitude enough.


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