Steven Moore I celebrate you!

Your special day is just around the corner… This makes my heart happy and sad at the same time. More happy because as I think about you I can not recall negativity with any of our moments. You were a beautiful person inside and out. You were brutishly honest and very infectious. I look at your dash if you will… In the grand scheme it’s a very small dash in the length of years on this earth with us. However, your dash is huge in the way you lived. You stepped outside your comfort zone, you tried new things, you didn’t know a stranger, you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, you embraced culture and people, you fought for what you believed in, and you found happiness in simplicity.


No matter what you were doing or where you were at you made it a point to send birthday cards… actual hand written birthday cards… This is such a rare thing to happen you signed each one with “nose kisses” These cards made my day as I am sure made everyone else’s that you sent. You inspired me each and every day. I remember saying multiple times to multiple people…. gosh, he is living! He is just putting himself out there. He isn’t letting anything hold him back.


You outgrew small town thinking I think the moment you could speak. You always had a sparkle in your eye. I loved that sparkle… You are still inspiring me! You are still inspiriting all of us. I am sure that you are continuing to inspire people that never met you because you left your mark everywhere you went.

It’s easy for us to spot the bad in life, it’s easy for us to complain, it’s easy to get caught up in “small town drama”, It’s easy to stay STAGNANT, ¬†You chose to find the good! You chose to celebrate life! You chose to take steps! You chose to challenge the norm! You chose to never be stagnant! You chose loved like no other! THE KEY WORD CHOSE!


It’s easy for us after someone passes away to high light them and make them sometimes more than what we actually thought of them when they were alive… I think it’s human nature it’s like we somehow erase the negative and each person that passes becomes this bright shining light… Steven with you it’s very different! You really did live the life you loved and love the life you lived! You really did dance to the beat of your own drum! You really did have a giving heart! You were an asshole when it was needed! You tried different careers, you lived in multiple places, you touched so many lives…

I am in awww of the way you lived and loved! I am in awww of the way you didn’t worry about what people were going to say… I hold our memories dear to my heart! Your smile so infectious! Your touch so strong! Your way of lifting me up… Your way of putting me in my place if I needed it… When I was pregnant you reminding me that I was getting older and my body may react differently… hahah that being pregnant wasn’t a reason to be a fat ass. Then when you saw me you said Dayam girl your a hot pregnant chick… hahaha I miss you dearly! I miss our conversations… but I promise you this. I am not letting life pass me by. I am celebrating you and what you stood for! I will not use your memory as an excuse to not live! If you were here you would slap a bitch! I already know!



Steven Moore- I celebrate you today and every day! I smile because of the way you touched my life! My heart is over joyed because of how much love you expelled! I celebrate your strength to overcome adversity! Your willingness to push through! Your ability to make waves! I celebrate YOU!

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