This 3rd Valentines Day together. I am not much for this holiday as I think it is overrated and way to commercialized. .I honestly think it’s more about the kids than us adults. It’s the little kids that exchange valentines at school and have parties. I do wish that schools would continue this tradition all the way through. I think it’s good for the kids to recognize everyone in there class as it shows kindness. At any rate on  to what I really started this for…

Don’t get me wrong I love to get flowers, but most of all I love the card. I like to see that there was a little thought put into what is being said. I think flowers are so sweet on the whim because that shows me that I was being thought about out of no where which is way better than the media telling us that we should think about our significant other. I also can’t justify paying three times the price for flowers or chocolates. All of that being said I was so very thankful that Josh brought home a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, pink is my favorite color, the day before Valentines Day! Heart melting! This boy truly is a keeper! He really does bring out the best in me. I feel as though I am a better person with him. I love watching him with our kids, especially the baby to see him be so gentle and to watch Chandler light up when he walks in the door… There really are no words. Jacob is also so sweet he will get home from school and want to call him just to see how his day is. He also tries to be very interested in what Josh is doing. That is so sweet! Ashley of course is so sweet and it’s very cute to see that she is still a little girl in that growing body who just loves her dad so much! 🙂 We really are blessed in so many ways…

I am not trying to sound as though we are perfect because we aren’t! We have our arguments and our kids don’t clean there rooms, they don’t always want to take showers, they are gamer freaks, they don’t pick up after themselves, we have to remind them to brush teeth and clean rooms and all that jazz or I just end up going and doing it. I never get a moment to myself because they are just right there…hahahah Now the difference is that I choose this everyday. i make a conscious effort to choose this life everyday! I also make the choice everyday to love these gifts (my kids) because they truly are gifts They are only ours for a little while. I say that I make the choice to choose them because it is a choice at the end of the day. I choose to love Josh everyday. There have been times in arguments where we say well then “go find that” Here’s the thing that’s not an option in our house because I fell in love with my person and I am lucky enough to get to experience my person on a daily basis I am also lucky enough to have these sweet babies every day!

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