Life is an ADVENTURE

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Choose to LOVE
Choose to LIVE
Choose to DANCE
Choose to SING
Choose to LAUGH
Choose to SMILE
Choose to EXPLORE
Choose to SEE
Choose to CLIMB
Choose to RUN
Choose to TRY

At the end of the day we are all given this beautiful gift of life. We all have a story to tell. We all have bad and good that has happened to us… What makes your story great is the ending not the beginning. What you CHOOSE to do with your story, what you CHOOSE to do with your life, how you CHOOSE to live your life, who you CHOOSE to let in your life.



We are all born into a (blood line) (family)… This doesn’t define you. My parents and I do not share the same bloodline, and that doesn’t make them anyless my parents. They CHOSE to love me, take care of me, embrace me, teach me, care for me, respect me, push me, and they chose to call me their own. This makes them my family.¬†


Life is not guaranteed… It’s up to us to choose to live the life that we love and love the life that we live. We need to understand that the life that we choose to live isn’t better or worse than a life someone else chooses. What makes me happy isn’t what makes you happy and vise versa. The key is to find that happy and embrace it… It’s not what you have been ¬†through that defines you, but instead it’s what you do with what you have been through. Your life is a fresh start every day… When waking up you wake up to a blank page… What do you want that page to say? What do you want people to remember about you on that day? How are you going to impact those around you. What will you write down?

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Write your book of life in a way that makes people want to push harder, climb higher, try harder, and love completely.


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