Chandler is 11 months old!!

I can’t believe that in less than a month Chandler will be 1!! What is that? Where is the time going? So much has changed with him. He is so interactive. I could kiss him all day. Each and everyday I am so thankful that I get to stay home with him and experience all of him each and everyday. He is getting so big. He is feeding himself so good now. He has great fine motor skills. He shakes his head no when I say no. He loves to get into things that he’s not supposed to. For instance he eats dog food about 1000 times a day. He escapes to Jacob’s room to get the legos about 5000 times a day. He enjoys to splash the dogs water all over the floor 🙂 The toys are strung from one end of the house to the other. He has his condo in the kitchen which has very unconventional toys… Things like tin cans, bowls, wooden spoons, sour cream containers, and 3 different rolling pins, a few cars, and a couple of books. The fridge is filled with abc magnets, which find there way to the floor very fast. He has figured out that the pots and pans cabinet pulls out so most of the time skillets are all over while I am cooking. He tends to crack himself up multiple times a day. (This makes my heart so happy) He loves to go exploring outside. We walk from tree to tree, flower to flower and everything in between so he can feel and learn about nature. He loves the jogging stroller and our visits to the park to swing. The faster I ride my bike while wearing him the better he likes it. This boy is going to be a dare devil, which he gets from his dad! He signs “all done, more, thank you, no” He verbally says Mom, and Dad and he knows what he is saying when he is saying it 🙂 He jabbers all the time. He inspects things and tries to figure each thing out. He loves his brother and sister and lights up when they enter the room. He is full fledged crawling now and follows me all throughout the house. Ahhh I can’t even put into words how sweet he is. I can’t kiss him or hug him enough. I carry him a lot. 🙂 He loves everyone.IMG_3933

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