Homeschooling – “Oh the places you’ll go”

As the summer was approaching it’s end- The feels were out of control- Feelings of sadness, excitement, wonder, nervousness, worry, and so many others. We had made the decision to send Chandler to a private school here in Columbia City. The school is a small, Christian based school, and we felt this was going to be the best fit for us. As the days grew closer and closer, so did my questions- What was this going to look like? Why were we sending him to school? Was this going to be a good fit?

For us when I think of school – these people become your village. Teachers, students, staff, and other parents become your village- They are spending 8 plus hours a day with your child/children! Wow! That is a long time-
Think about this-
In a weeks time, our children spend more time with school personnel and students than they do with you. 5 out of the 7 days are spent at school about 8 hours a day at school – 5-7 hours sleeping, 2-8 hours in activities… It’s all adding up. My fear was that when he got home from school he wouldn’t want to do any activities- The first day we got home and he just wanted to sit on the couch like a bump on a log. He was tired. So tired! For us that didn’t feel good. At 5 they shouldn’t feel that tired and unable to do life or want to do life outside of school.

Plus, I have a passion for learning- Why I never got my teaching degree is beside me- I am sure I have enough credit hours for a teaching degree, but hmmmmm
Maybe it’s because I don’t want to be told what to teach and how to teach. After all I have been teaching from the time I was a teenager- I taught Sunday school, then Bible school, and Jacob (he’s now 14) When he was little I learned real quick that he was not going to learn the “traditional way” I had to get creative-
Learning shapes, colors, and numbers became a game on the stairs- construction paper, scissors, and markers and I was able to cut out shapes in different colors with different numbers on them. He learned those things so fast! Then with letters- He had a love for football at such an early age- I bought water proof books that were the size of flashcards and taped them to the cement far enough a part that would play catch- He said the letter and we read the book if he while playing catch.
About 4 years ago we home schooled the big kids for a while. Ashley did Connections and Academy, and we used “unit studies” for Jacob and well, with Chandler learning has been happening since he was born- We have been doing “school” his whole life without even realizing it. My idea of school is – fun, creative, hands on, child lead learning.
Children want to learn, they are curious, and want to be taught, however, they don’t always want to sit still, and they don’t always want to be inside, and maybe they need to take a break.
Kids want to be involved and heard, and a lot of times people / teachers / staff talk at children instead of to them. I just witnessed it at the school. Chandlers teacher was asking me things about Chandler- I just smiled and said he can answer your questions. Our tiny humans are extraordinary, they are smart and want to be heard.

What does homeschooling look like for us?

SIMPLE – He’s 5

We will do the calendar every day- (We already do this).
An all about me book – This a notebook that Chandler will answer a simple question each day, then draw a picture of said questions (I.E – Day 1 – What is your name? Then he can write his name upper and lower case and draw a picture of himself (this book is only for him to write in and he can only use colored pencil’s. By week 2 we will focus on senses and each day will be centered around that.
One bible verse each week- He has a bible verse book that he will write the verse in and draw a picture of what that verse means to him. Then throughout the week we will do sidewalk chalk, painting, and other creative ways to practice it.
Math everyday- might be a worksheet, might be a dice game, maybe going on a nature hunt and collecting leaves and adding and subtracting them. Math is a wonderful subject and should be fun!
Pen pal- Each week he will pick one person to write a letter to and send it in the mail (this is reinforcing words and adding punctuation, and brings in real life Рpost office and how mail works. We will physically go to the post office and he will pay for a stamp each time.
Sight Word practice- This will be with note cards, flash light, maybe a worksheet, maybe dry erase book, maybe sidewalk chalk, paint, or stickers.
Reading- We purchased the Usborne Books
We will meet once a month at the:
Merry Lea environmental center for a home school group
Science Central and Botanical Gardens, Children’s museum, and more.

If you are interested in following our Homeschool adventure you can follow @secureandstrong on Instagram

Plus I will be posting lesson plans each week after the week with pictures and instructions.

Happy Schooling is really what’s important- If you are happy with your child’s school whether that is homeschool, public, private, montessori or online… As long as you are happy and your child is happy that is all that matters.

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