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We are our own worst enemy! I say this because it is true. We self sabotage to the point of detrimental consequences and then we blame others for those consequences. I am a perfect example of this- I have literally spent my entire life feeling sorry for myself for what I didn’t have. I mean my entire life feeling like the world was taking a shit on my face because I did’t have a “supportive family.” Lately, I have been feeling really sorry for myself because my friendships have become a little distant. What did I do? I sat here and a sulked about how said people just don’t care and I started to wonder if they ever did- and I cried a little more or I dug the whole a little bigger.

Here’s what I have realized- I have had a huge section of my family that weren’t supportive, it’s true and it’s hurtful, but I have a small portion that is extremely supportive and I also have also had a huge section of friends that have been supportive. I realized that I have to stop letting these feelings ruin my days. I have to stop longing for this unrealistic idea of what “family” should be.

Family is simply the people in your life that want to love and support you- It’s the people in my life that want to love and support me.

I have allowed feelings of insecurities and hurt feelings to consume me and make me a shell of myself. I have allowed said people and the way they treat me to ask the “Why” questions and I have allowed these “Why’s” to take over my heart and mind. Doing this has brought out the “feel sorry” thoughts and this has just devoured me.

I should take my own advice- Seriously!

I have a huge support system- By huge I mean a handful of people with the biggest hearts and I have even started shutting myself off from them- I am done.

If you are feeling this way about situations in your life- STOP!

Don’t allow our past to bring up insecurities. Maybe your Mom or Dad isn’t a part of your life. Maybe you have brothers and sisters that are non-existent, maybe you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t put you first. Don’t allow these people in your life. Don’t allow them not wanting to be a part of who you are to bring out feelings of doubt or anger about yourself. Instead allow yourself to embrace those that embrace you. I think we just put so much emphasis on “family” and “blood” and maybe those things are important in your circle, but in my circle I have a ton of people that do not share a blood line and they are my family. They are my friends and we are not any less connected.


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