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Life- It seems like majority of people I talk to are miserable or just going through the motions- The response that I get is “same shit different day” or “I am so busy” or “Oh my gosh I have just been working so much lately” or “Must be nice to stay home”

Here’s the thing- Life is about choices. You make choices, I make choices, we all make choices. If the choices that you are making aren’t making you happy in life, then the solution is an easy one- MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES!

Oh I know you can’t…. right because work “needs you” “you don’t have the money” “life….”

News flash- your job doesn’t need you! They will continue to do life without you. I promise that company will not shut down without you. They will find someone to do your job. No matter how irreplaceable you feel you are- the truth is you are! They will!

Please stop allowing a job, that relationship, that activity- What ever it is – that you aren’t happy doing define you and take up all of your time.

The money part- I promise you- It will all workout! It always does. For instance 3 years ago, we decided to forgo life as we knew it. We moved to a new State- A city we had never visited- bought a house we had never physically touched or looked at- and Josh quit working for the company that he had worked for for over 5 years. He started working on the work that had been side work- work that was paying LESS than 60 percent that he was making at his full time job- Woah! Talk about terrifying! “God provides” that is the only thing I can tell you. We stayed kept our faith and honestly did life. We were taking more vacations, we were spending more time as a family, and we learned how to just do life in a more meaningful way. The point is that when you are scared to take that leap of faith just take it. Take a step back and think of the “detrimental” things that can happen, then think of the “Totally Awesome” things that can happen. The best part is that it will uncover parts of you that you never knew. Once you learn to start making memories over purchases life becomes sweet. Really sweet! Ahhhh and the moments are the best. The moments that you never thought you could happen start to happen. This is true in all areas not just  a job…

People say this all the time oh my gosh I am just so busy- Guess what we are all busy… being busy isn’t a difficult thing to be. I can be busy talking on the phone, watching tv, busy painting my nails, busy doing my hair, busy just sitting and thinking, busy is something that we all have the ability to be without even trying.

Hmmmmm- but the question is do you have the ability to be productive?

Do you have the ability to be productive?

The funny thing is that when we start talking productive- You can be busy for 40 plus hours a week and get less done than the person that spends 10 hours being completely productive.

Busy work is just another way to say I am filling my time. I don’t so much focus on being busy- I am being productive- I am making time for myself each day to do something that is important to me. I am focusing on being productive with our Six year old working on home school, I am focusing on spending quality time with our 15 year old because it’s a matter of time before he will be off trying to figure life out.

I promise you aren’t too busy to make a phone call, or send a text. That’s another thing I hear a lot… Oh I just haven’t had time to call or text… I am too busy- but hmmmm were you too busy to update your status on social media? Were you too busy to have lunch with another friend….

Stop making excuses- Start living a life that you can embrace! Start living a life filled with Experiences! Start focusing on being able to Enjoy the life that you have been given.

It is a gift! Treat it as such- for instance when someone gives you something you don’t like you just take it back to the store or you re-gift it. Not once thinking of how sweet it was that that person went through the trouble to think about you. Maybe they didn’t think about you the way that you think about them, but they did think about you. Maybe instead of saying thank you and lying you could just be honest and say no thank you, and do not let it into your life… You will be saving that person and yourself the hassle of trying to keep face. Say no thank you and move forward.

Stop playing the victim and start taking ownership and acknowledging that you play a role in how your life is- If you are an adult you have the tools necessary to change- Ask questions, try something new, and keep moving forward.

You options are endless – All it takes is one small choice 🙂

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