I JUDGED what I didn’t KNOW!

There was a time that I thought I had it all figured out- I judged what I didn’t know and stood completely firm on the foundation that was built around me without even thinking of taking a leap of faith or even a tiny step. I am happy to report that in my 35 years of life I am learning that life is bigger than me and my thoughts.

There is so much happening in the world around us and we all seem to have “the right answers” We all seem to have it all figured out and we all seem to be standing firm on the foundation that has been built around us.

Let’s take a moment and step back- Let’s take a moment and understand that we do not have it all figured out, instead we are making huge mistakes. We are basically repeating history- We are putting ourselves, our beliefs, and our ideas at the forefront of everything and crucifying those that are different. We are dismissing ideas and thoughts that didn’t come from us or what we have been taught.

A lot of us claim to be Christians – but we forget to follow his lead! He doesn’t say love those that are like you! Love those that do what you do! Love those that follow you! He say’s, “Love your neighbor” That doesn’t mean the house next to yours in your little neighborhood or the person that sits next to you on Sundays- It means loving everyone. That doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everything that those around us do. We do not have to do what those around us do. Instead, we have to simply live a life of constant pursuit of being more like the father.

An awesome pastor once said, “you can’t judge those that aren’t Christian based on your Christian beliefs” Instead you have to be willing to educate them and yourself. We have to understand that it’s not our job to crucify those around us!

Right now the hot topic’s are abortion- I have read posts on social media platforms that down grade women that have gotten abortions- People posting about it being a birth control- Do you know that? Did you talk to the person? How about the hundreds of people that stand outside the clinics with there hate signs- I have an idea, instead of shoving your hate signs maybe stand outside those doors with a helping hand and less judgement. Be a voice of reassurance and offer help. Try to understand why this woman feels like this is her only option because maybe she doesn’t know that there is help because maybe she has never been shown that there is help! Knowledge is power! Shoving a hate sign and claiming to be a Christian seem to be opposing things.

Everyone seems to have to answer on social media, but maybe step away from that screen and touch someones hand, offer a physical presence- you might change your mind on how you judge others.

We have to be truth and grace- besides that who are we do stand up on our soap box, as I know it we all are sinners, we all fall short every single day.

I think sometimes we look at those that are younger than us that are making foolish decisions and we judge- For instance a 40 year old woman looking at an 18 year old girl and making comments about how she is dressed- meanwhile forgetting how she used to dress at that age. We can’t expect an infant to act like a toddler. In the same way, we can’t expect a 2 year old to behave like a 5 year old- it’s ridiculous. This is true for a young adult the age of 18, we can’t expect this young adult to behave like a 25 year old. We all reach maturity’s at different level’s and maybe if we would all step back and remember that we were young and foolish once too, and that we are now just old and foolish that we are in no place to judge instead we should see people, see ourselves! Hear people, hear ourselves! Love people and love ourselves.

Jesus didn’t pick the most perfect people to be disciples, he picked the most broken- and he gave mercy! Grace! Truth! FORGIVENESS!!!!
Why is it so hard for us as humans to do the same thing? Why do we decide that we are so much better and we crucify! Why do we not try to understand and help? I get that we can’t help everyone, but we can pray for everyone, we can have compassion.

We have to understand that we can’t force people to do what we do! We can’t force people to believe what we believe! Jesus never forced himself on anyone- That is why he gave us free will! Plant seeds, offer prayers, and live the best life we can. Learn that we ourselves do not have it all figured out and posting ridiculousness on social media isn’t solving any worldly problems.

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