First of all can I just say how good it is to see our kids involved in activities outside out home again!! OH my goodness! I love watching J play football! It has been super exciting watching him work so hard and strive to be better each day! Chandler is finding himself and has ventured


Everyone is so mad! Mad about everything! Wheew! Being mad is okay, but can you even say why you are mad?Some of the reasons I have heard people say are this: People are mad about wearing a mask, people are mad about other people getting $600 dollars extra on unemployment, people are mad about places

New Normal

Growing up there are always stories of people that have these (Ahhhaaaa Moments or Epiphanies) and it changes life for them forever. I believe this is true, but it has been my experience that there are multiple moments that have shifted my mindset and changed my life as I knew it. It’s not a matter


#SECUREANDSTRONG Working out is becoming a part of normal life for me. I started with a program called T-25 years ago and it was life changing. Our now 7 year old was a baby and I had started running before the pregnancy and felt really confident with my body and life in general… After having

“Be Confident”

Everything is feeling completely discombobulated and confusing! There are so many news outlets with contradicting information and it has been really hard to feel confident let alone be confident, and this sends me down these rabbit holes. Then I get caught up in what is being said and who is saying it and I find

It’s Okay

Do you ever feel like it’s your fault if your older teen kids are making choices that maybe you don’t want them to make? Do you feel like you are failing at parenting? Do you ever feel like you aren’t enough for your kids or other people in your life? Do you ever feel like

Here we come 2020 –

As we enter into 2020 – First of all I am bummed that Barbara Walters didn’t say, “I am Barbara Walters and this is 2020 (lol) I can’t help but think about 2019 and all that happened – We are so grateful for the doors that God opened and closed for us. So thankful for

Mom Life

Why do we all have to compare? At the end of the day we should all be :1. Pro feeding children (breast or bottle I don’t care – FEED THE CHILDREN!)2. Let your baby sleep ( If that means co – sleeping or in a bed all to themselves awesome!) Whatever helps you sleep because